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Should marketers code?

Development time is a scare resource for marketers. Without recruiting a developer to help them, marketers were having trouble using Lytics to personalize their marketing. Some customers were able to get past that hurdle, but many needed to be able to see value in Lytics without commiting hours of development time.

No, engineers should code

The campaign wizard is a step-by-step interface that lets marketers configure an on-site marketing campaign without any development work beyond installing a Javascript tag. Basically, it let’s marketers create a little widget that will only be seen by a very specific audience.

define a collection of content
The interface for creating a content collection.

One of the most interesting features of Lytics is the ability to create a group of articles, blog posts, job posts, or any other discrete content unit. These content collections can be attached to a Campaign. When a campaign is triggered, Lytics will determine the best piece of content to load on a per user basis.

design an on-site widget
The interface for designing a widget.

It’s important to be able to configure the apperance of every campaign, so this step gives marketers some simple design tools for their widget. However, this step raised an interesting problem. We did not want to stumble into making a WYSIWYG editor, because that didn’t align with the overall product vision. The tooling we ended up providing was intended to give marketers a hint of what is possible with Lytics, while encouraging them to engage with their development team to get the most out of the product.

an on-site widget
The widget in the bottom left is an example of a Lytics-created campaign on the Lytics marketing website.

Alright, but how’d you end up here?

Good question. This version of the campaign wizard is not the first. The initial concept was a single page filled with toggles and inputs. Here’s a wireframe from that stage.

an on-site widget

Most of this wireframe did end up getting built as a proof-of-concept, which then made it’s way into the interface above. A few things, though, proved to be best left in the wireframe. A good wireframe gives form to ideas and lets people discuss them in a new way.

Was it all worth it?

The campaign wizard has helped customers and prospective customers quickly see the value of Lytics. Even though it’s a fairly young part of Lytics, it’s proven to be one of the most popular and useful features. We will be constantly adding features and refining the experience as we get customer feedback.